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Midwest Triathlon Champions

Midwest Triathlon Championship

2014 Midwest Triathlon Championship Overview:

Athletes now have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a special “race-within-a-race” representing their favorite club, as an individual in the age-graded class and as a first timer! Winners will be publicized heavily in the months following the race and leading up to the 2015 events. In addition, special commemorative trophies will be awarded for the top three finishers in each class.


Compete for the Midwest Triathlon Champions team crown and let your entire team bask in Championship glory! A team consists of any group of three or more individual athletes. Your local triathlon club, friends from work or a team from your master’s swim class are all eligible! There is no added cost for your team to participate in the Team Championship.


This exciting race-within-a-race for both the Olympic and Sprint distances will recognize one overall age-graded champion, one male and one female for each distance will be crowned “Fastest in the Midwest” and be featured on Sports Radio 810 WHB and the cover of KC Magazine! There is no added cost to be included in the Age-Graded Overall Champion.


Reserved exclusively for first time racers. Awards will be given for both sprint and distance races. There is no added cost to be included in the rookie champion.