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There is a lot of work that goes into making this possible, and although triathlons are considered endurance tests for individuals, we take pride in being team players. Please let us introduce a few passionate people that have dedicated their time and expertise to making it another unforgettable experience. This page will be updated often so be sure to check back soon!

Brian Weaver – Partner

Brian Weaver

Brian is a highly motivated individual who gives his all in everything he does. When not leading Anthem Media Group, a national marketing and media firm, he channels his creativity, dedication and work ethic to train for triathlon competitions, including Ironman distance events around the world, calling on his deft ability to problem solve to achieve maximum results.

First triathlon: 2009 sprint triathlon at Longview Lake. “I got crushed on the bike!”
Favorite triathlon moment: Meeting his father and mother at the finish line of the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
Go to pre-race meal: Rice and chicken bowl from Chipotle. “I’m big on routine! There’s a Chipotle at every race!”
Post-race Indulgence: “A huge bag of almond M&Ms.”

Brian formed United Multisport and acquired the Kansas City Triathlon in 2011.

Sandy Cohen – Founder & Partner

Sandy Cohen
Sandy Cohen has been doing triathlons since 2001 and participated in every distance except Ironman. Maybe one day there will be an Ironman in his future. Growing up a competitive swimmer, he has settled in to enjoy the Olympic Distance because of the balance across all three disciplines. Sandy’s most humbling moment in triathlon came in his first year in the sport at Shawnee Mission Park when, after exiting the water in 14th place overall he was passed by anyone with a pulse on the bike and ran-walked his way to the finish line. It was at that defining moment that he realized he might want to consider getting a little more disciplined about training and get back into shape! Since that fateful day in the park, he has made health and fitness a priority and triathlon feeds his desire to compete. He has completed nearly 100 triathlons since 2001, including 11 Half Ironman races.

Fast Facts:
Favorite triathlon moment: “Any swim portion of a triathlon.”
Favorite pre-race meal: “Sushi!”
Favorite post-race indulgence: “Has to be a gourmet burger from BRGR!”

Most of his training is done in and around Leawood, Kansas with friends and at times on his own, squeezing sessions between work and family responsibilities. Training highlights include the JCC’s Masters Swim practice with the legendary Coach K. Coach K routinely yells at him and others to pick up the pace and never quit.

Sandy loves Kansas City and has a passion for triathlon, though he still aspires to improve on the bike!

Sandy Cohen was one of the original founders of the celebrated Kansas City Triathlon back in 2009.